A special feature of soap is that it has both an affinity with water and with fat. And both are important if we want to cleanse the skin using water. Vinolia soap gently removes fat and dirt particles from the skin and cleanses the skin perfectly.


Savon de Marseille
Until the 19th century, the production of traditional soap maintained close links with the production of olive oil. After all, this was one of the main ingredients. And where was the olive oil better than in Provence? It was now the age of ‘Marseille soap’. In Provence top-quality olive oil was widely available and if there was not enough, the ships from Spain or Italy imported supplies too. As olive oil was an expensive ingredient and also produced rather a gentle soap, other types of oil were experimented with (linseed oil, poppy seed oil). Through colonisation, the French also came into contact with coconut and palm oil.