Soap has a highly cleansing power, antiseptic properties and rarely causes allergic reactions. Vinolia soap also emits a delicious, natural floral fragrance.


Gentle on the skin
Real soap, produced through the saponification process, always contains an alkaline substance.

And because ordinary soap is therefore alkaline, this will very quickly adversely affect the skin’s pH level. This is not a problem as the skin will recover in approximately half an hour, by producing natural moisture and oils. You can also give your skin a helping hand, by applying a moisturizer to the skin immediately after cleansing, which will immediately restore the hydra-lipid layer that protects the skin (natural moisture and oil). An ideal product is, for example, Purol Soft Crème Plus, which softens, protects and pampers the skin. This light-textured cream for the face and body is pH-neutral and contains no perfume or colorants.