If you ask someone why they like using soap the answer is usually: because of the lather. Washing with soap and water gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness that no other cleansing product can give. The fine, fragrant lather of Vinolia soap also gives a wonderful luxurious feeling. In the past, Vinolia soaps were considered to be extremely exclusive. Bars of Vinolia soap were present in the first-class cabins on the Titanic!


Enjoyment of soap
In today’s hectic world, moments of privacy are a scarce pleasure. Perhaps that is why for many of us the bathroom is more than a place in which to cleanse and take care of the body. Bathing rituals are times at which to pamper yourself and drift away on a cloud of fragrances.

Bathing or showering with a bar of deliciously fragranced soap gives the cleansing ritual an even greater allure. The moist air appears to absorb and disperse the fragrances meaning you quite literally  find yourself in the ‘fragrant’ clouds.