In earlier times, bars of soap were more commonly used to wash clothes than to cleanse the skin.


Traditional soap and toilet soap
The ingredients that are now most frequently used in ordinary soaps, are: palm oil, coconut oil, arachidonic oil, olive oil and rapeseed (canola) oil.

Today almost no companies make their own soap. Usually, fatty acids form the basis of the soap production, or ready-to-use sodium or potassium salts in the form of soap granules. The traditionally produced soaps are usually perfumed with essential oils from flowers and spices, such as lavender, vetiver, lemon grass, vanilla and cinnamon. You can still buy soaps that are perfumed naturally, but today something else is understood by perfumed soap, because many perfume lines include a strongly perfumed, expensive soap in the range. Vinolia’s soaps are somewhere in the middle of those traditional and strongly perfumed soaps: they emit a delicious, natural floral fragrance that is always subtly present.