Always place a wet (used) bar of soap in a special container with raised ridges or with holes, allowing the moisture to escape. If you leave the soap lying in a puddle of water, it will easily ‘melt’ away and that would be a shame. A bar of Vinolia soap will last for a nice long time, because of its solid and compact texture. No matter how accessible it is: Vinolia soaps remain a real quality product!


A shower or a bath?
In the mornings there is no better wake-up call than a fresh shower. The body temperature and the blood pressure will remain consistent because you are standing up; you will not become sluggish as you would if you had a bath. If you have been playing sport, allow your body to cool down a little before going under the shower. Otherwise, the perspiration process will simply continue, even once out of the shower. This is not conducive to a fresh feeling and can also cause headaches. In the evenings too, a shower is beneficial, because the water rinses the worries of the day from your body.

Bathing will give you a luxurious, relaxed feeling. A bath of 38 °C is the ideal temperature: just a little above body temperature, meaning you can relax and unwind. The body will enter a resting phase because it will use its energy to keep the body temperature consistent. A bath that is too hot can cause dizziness because the temperature of the body will rise. The blood vessels will dilate too much and the blood pressure will become too low. In principle, a tepid bath is better for the skin, because the warmer the water, the more dehydrating the effect. A tepid bath will also have an invigorating effect. The ideal duration of a bath is twenty minutes. Otherwise, the skin will become too soft and this makes it extremely vulnerable.